Build Better Products

You want to create positive impact for everyone? The Product Field helps you navigate the complexity of your product, align the perspectives of all stakeholders, find your focus, and make the right decisions.

Navigate complexity

Feel lost? We often do. Developing a product is always a complex endeavor – be it a car, an online service, or a card game. The Product Field helps you see the bigger picture and understand how all moving parts interact.

Align perspectives

Talking past each other kills progress. Use the Product Field with your team and stakeholders to help everyone speak the same language, build shared understanding, and regularly align their goals and motivations.

Find your focus

Lost in the weeds of daily work? Use the Product Field to summarize information, find strengths and weaknesses, identify your riskiest assumptions, and focus on the tasks that have the biggest impact.

Make the right decisions

You want to build what is best for all stakeholders but find it difficult to navigate all the decisions involved? The Product Field helps you understand your options, decide on them, and build with confidence.

The Product Field is a
sense‑making framework
for teams and organizations
that build products.
Here is how it works:

Product Field

01 Frame the field

Lay out the Product Field canvas to build a common vocabulary with your team and all stakeholders.

02 Map your product

Gather and locate all knowledge about your product on the canvas to create a shared understanding.

03 Check the fit

Analyze links and tensions between all aspects of your product by applying simple checking routines.

04 Find your priorities

Identify strengths and weaknesses, visualize patterns, and generate powerful action items for your team.

Use our resources
to explore the Product Field,
learn how to use it, and start
developing better products.

Learn more

You’re interested in the Product Field and want to learn more about it? We’ve got you covered: From discovering the basics to gaining an in-depth understanding of the framework, our free resources help you at every learning level.

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Quickstart Guide,

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Book a facilitator

You know the Product Field, have a concrete use case, and are looking for someone to facilitate your process? Whether for a single workshop or a long-running project, our pool of experienced facilitators offers the right match for your needs.

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Become a Pro

You want know if the Product Field is right for your organization? You want to use it with your team, spread it in your company, or add it to your tool belt as a freelancer or agency? Work with Klaus, Michael and Wolfgang, the creators of the Product Field, to learn the ropes and become a Product Field pro.

Taster Workshop (½ day)

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Master Class (1 week)

“The Product Field is a habit-forming must-have for designing evidence-based innovations.”

Dr. Axel Averdung
Managing Director Strategy, SinnerSchrader

“The Product Field helps us onboard diverse, interdisciplinary teams and create a shared understanding of their product.”

Dr. Ramona Lermer
Product Development Lead, pd ventures

“The Product Field is the only framework that allows you to visualize drivers and dependencies between product thinking and implementation.”

Jendrik Höft
Co-Founder, Spectrm

“The Product Field is an essential tool to integrate individual notions and ideas into a shared picture that is more than the sum of its parts.”

Kristina Bonitz
Director Strategy, SinnerSchrader